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Wheelhouse and The Village

“We’re right on the water so we have these beautiful views and glass windows.. but how do you make the acoustics just right so that there’s not a lot of leak through the glass.” 


Episode 19 of Select+CT with Chelsey Trowbridge – SVP of Post Production, Wheelhouse



The Village, located in Stamford, CT, is one of CT’S hidden gems for content producers. The Village operates from its parent company -The Wheelhouse- and that routine can be applied to any successful business. Chelsey Trowbridge – SVP of Post Production, is an employee at this gem. She kindly offered to share the opportunities that exist at The Village and why digital content producers need to stay connected to the long-term goals of this facility. 

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The Wheelhouse has several different sectors, one of which is Wheelhouse properties. It is responsible for building out The Village. A lot goes into a successful business such as this one. “It’s not solely the entertainment industry, people. There’s a lot of diverse opportunities there to meet people that aren’t just in this entertainment industry,” said Chelsey. There’s a balancing act between the investment opportunity side of the company, and the entertainment side, where Chelsey spends all her time.

I gathered from the interview that diversity in any company is the main success component. If you have a creative side going hand in hand with a tech side, you can bounce art and science off each other to maintain sustainability. The place itself is an impressive combination of an indoor and outdoor premium waterfront and is home to ITV America, the largest producer of unscripted content for television. It was designed to cater to creators of art, music, health, and much more. 

Featured Program

Usually I would recommend a specific college with a program related to the podcast’s topic, however, I feel The Village deserves its separate blurb. The property accumulates to a whopping 133,000 square feet. It is described as an outstandingly energy-efficient commercial building, which is hard to come across nowadays. Check out the website here, and be on the lookout for more digital media companies heading there for events and office space. 

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