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Selected Talent Nicholas Amico

It was a wonderful experience and genuinely interesting, and my prior knowledge of Adobe Premiere made me stand out a lot and allowed me to excel in this position.


Global Arts and Entertainment program A+E Network is a multi-media, genre, and platform company. Parented by Walt Disney & Hearst Communications, A+E has been producing a variety of content since 1984. 

DMCT’s Talent Placement Program landed film graduate Nicholas Amico an internship with this network. Nicholas is now a Global Technical Evaluation Technician and Quality Control Intern. He says learning Adobe before joining helped him succeed in the role. 

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“My prior knowledge of Adobe Premiere made me stand out a lot and allowed me to excel in this position,” he commented. 

A quality control intern inspects services to ensure they meet company standards. They may also document quality control & communicate with other departments before content is broadcast on air. It is the type of entry-level role some graduates will experience as they transition to the real world. Although these roles are lesser known, they represent an important aspect of the system that brings content to our screens. Many of us might see media companies as the pure-making aspect of the industry, but as we become more exposed to these roles, we expand our understanding of the industry and continue to grow and learn as a professional.

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DMCT Talent Placement Program

The DMCT Talent Placement program is a new initiative that places some of Connecticut’s most talented students at CT-based media companies. For a student to participate in the program, they must first receive a nomination from their department and then be selected by representatives from one of DMCT’s industry partners. You can learn more about this program here.

DMCT Micro-Credentials

If you are unsure how your skills connect to Connecticut’s growing Digital Media industry, I encourage you to enroll in DMCT’s first micro-credential course, The Emerging Practitioner. I am a course graduate and learned many things to assist my transition from University to a Career in CT and beyond!