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“It brings everything to life, without the sound it would be some incredible graphics, but you wouldn’t feel it.” 


Episode 17 of Select+CT with Chris Argento – VP of Audio, Justin Matley – Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Designer



Did you know that audio medias like cassette tapes are making a re-appearance in terms of sales? I suppose this is due to the need we now feel to disconnect from our constant online-lives. Though audio production is popularly known as the making of music, it’s actually super prominent in other forms of media. From movies ranking 100% on the “rotten tomatoes’ ‘ score, to pesky advertisements, or the news, the audio industry seeps into most everything we consume (and that’s a good thing).

Two CT-based audio designers spoke with David DesRoches on the Select+CT podcast. Chris Argento – VP of Audio, WWE, and Justin Matley – Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Designer, Freelance, discussed what consumer presentable audios can manifest for a media project.

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They reveal that to obtain a “mastered” audio (one that is consumer presentable), there has to be a collaborative effort on both parts: the graphic designer and the audio engineer. Together, these creators make sure the sounds and visuals align with each other as accurately as possible. Their goal is to bring the vision to life without changing the overall tone or goals which the graphic designers had in mind. Collaboration is how the producer can “elevate the element,” Justin said. 

“This podcast is an example of audio probably being one of the largest parts of media these days,” said Chris. The graphic artists come in and listen to it and bring it to life; sound can pull you in and make it almost 3D, even if it’s not. Chris also says his product is intensely graphic-based and dynamic. “If there’s a ship in a storm, we’re building the storm, the ship, and the creaking of the wood. but what we can bring is the creaking of the wood that the graphic artist never really knew whether or not it was going to be there,” he remarked. 

My takeaway is; sound and audio make up a significant part of Digital Media, and there is a huge opportunity for students who are skilled or interested in specializing in this space.

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