Digital Media CT

Digital Media CT (DMCT) is designed to support Connecticut’s growing needs in film, television, and digital media. The initiative is a collaborative effort between the CT Office of Film, Television, and Digital Media, and the University of Connecticut. The primary objective is to connect CT students to their next steps toward a successful career with one of the many employers in Connecticut who seek talented professionals in film, television, and digital media.

What is Digital Media?

Many will have foundational knowledge in film and television, but few outside the industry fully grasp the expanding opportunities for those skilled in digital design, technology, and strategy. Friend or foe, digital media continues to disrupt a variety of traditional industries by sweeping away the old ways of doing things and demanding new skills for new times.

At the center of this disruption is an interconnected network of innovation that spawned an entirely new culture for producing, sharing, consuming information. Thanks to the emergence of social media, interactive media (e.g., video games, VR, AR, etc.), and the rapid expansion of user-generated video, those skilled in digital media have exciting opportunities in Connecticut and beyond; these include, lucrative careers in communication, business, marketing, science, and education, as well as opportunities to work at small, medium, and large scale agencies that represent some of the world's leading brands.

Connecticut is not only home to many of these opportunities, but also higher education programs that provide the skills needed to enter the industry. We invite you to engage with Digital Media CT to learn more about the expanding opportunities within Connecticut by attending one of our upcoming events.