Digital Media Connecticut (DMCT), takes a broad approach toward digital media. Within Connecticut, there are over 5,500 monthly posts on social media that reference the term. Topics expand across multiple fields, including advertising/PR (15%), culture/society (8%), education (7%), and design/creativity (6%)*. Partners within the DMCT collaborative have narrowed the focus toward four branches; motion design and animation, marketing and communications design, live action content production, and interactive media.

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As digital media continues its expansion unabated, these four branches serve a variety of needs within Connecticut’s industries; these include marketing and communications, as well as the production of content for a growing number of media companies that now call Connecticut their home.

The DMCT collaborative works in partnership with many of these organizations to produce an extensive information campaign, that includes an annual summit, speaker series, and varying online learning experiences that connect high school and university students to real stories and real people from Connecticut's digital media industry.

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