Digital Media envelopes business, entertainment, art, technology, and education. Its presence exists throughout society and now dominants how we interact with information. Exciting career opportunities exist for those skilled in this skilled in this rapidly growing field.

Digital Media CT (DMCT) is a statewide initiative that nurtures Connecticut’s growing workforce in film, television, and digital media. The effort is part of a collaborative partnership with the CT Office of Film, Television, and Digital Media, and the University of Connecticut Digital Media & Design Department. The program includes an outgoing sequence of learning events designed to educate high school students about the opportunities in digital media, while also helping to make the necessary connections to jobs and undergraduate programs that exist in Connecticut. Through this endeavor, DMCT will foster the development of a talent pipeline that can support the state’s expanding digital media industry and the growing demand for graduates skilled in social media, web design, animation, video, and interactive media.